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Complicated Grief Therapy Group

Led by Becca Van Tassel, LCSW

Fall Series with dates to be determined.  

Location: The Austin Center for Grief & Loss

2413 Greenlawn Pkwy., Austin, TX 78757


$230 for the series.  If you need scholarship opportunities please call Austin Grief to inquire.

The Complicated Grief Therapy group will be offered to a small group of individuals that are having significant difficulty coping with a loss. Grief after a significant loss can be complex, multifaceted and time-varying. The grief process reflects the response to what was lost and the changes that take place during the adaptation to the loss. Clients will develop coping skills in order to learn to accept the death, have increased trust in others, and find peace and hope in order to transform and heal from their loss.

This group will require a brief intake assessment. For your convenience this can be done by phone. Your therapist will call you to set up this time once you have signed up for the group.


Becca Van Tassel, LCSW, is the current Clinical Director at the Austin Center for Grief and Loss. Becca has experience in a variety of treatment settings over her nine year career in mental health. Becca is passionate about providing high quality clinical care while at the same time offering a safe and welcoming space for her clients as they navigate their unique and often difficult journey through grief. She specializes in working with clients who have depression, anxiety, and difficulty coping with significant life transitions/loss in both group and individual settings.