Community Workshop

Singlehood - Celebrating Time with Yourself


Facilitated by:

Jami Lynn Bula, LPC Intern, LMFT Associate

Thursday February 7, 2019

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: The Austin Center for Grief & Loss

2413 Greenlawn Pkwy., Austin, TX 78757

Fee: $25

How do you experience being single? Is it a time you relish and experience as freeing, or do you feel lonely and feverishly hunt the next romantic partner? Often people miss the opportunity to experience the freedom and fulfillment that is possible while single. There is cultural pressure to participate in dating and coupling, regardless of interest in or readiness for a relationship. Whether you have experienced a recent break-up or have been living single for a number of years, this workshop is an opportunity for you to feel empowered and excited about your singlehood.

This workshop is a chance to explore your internal experience of being single. We will be working under the belief that time spent single is valuable. Being single is an opportunity to discover what you desire from life and become clear about your personal needs.

During the workshop, you will be invited to get curious about your relationship to singlehood. You will engage in experiential exercises to reflect on yourself, in and outside of relationship. There will be opportunity to reflect on your pattern of dating and to celebrate your time outside of dating. The purpose of this workshop is to help you feel more comfortable and confident in whatever stage of single life you find yourself.


• Understand your personal experience of being single in a culture that expects dating and rewards coupling
• Claim personal freedoms and opportunities available during singlehood
• Release stuck energy from previous relationships
• Participate in exercises to imagine and clarity your ideal single experience
• Increase comfort relating to one’s self and enhance happiness while single


Jami Lynn Bula, LPC Intern, LMFT Associate, practices at IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin under the supervision of Juliane Taylor Shore, LMFT-S, LPC-S. Jami Lynn specializes in relationship counseling and sex therapy, her passion is helping adults create their most satisfying lives. As a relational counselor, Jami Lynn works with adults in all stages and dynamics of relationship – married, newly single, ecstatically single, re-entering dating, monogamous, and non-monogamous. The motivation to celebrate Austin singles comes from a deep desire to help all people feel internally confident and personally empowered. When not working with clients, you can find Jami Lynn enjoying all the green spaces in Austin, getting nerdy about human sexuality and practicing embodiment.