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Because this age group can only tolerate intense feelings for very short periods of time the group agenda includes several activities each session. Usually there is one activity that is physical in nature allowing for the children to move about and release some of the anxious feelings associated with childhood grief. Sometimes this is done within their group room and at other times the group may go into our living room area or outside. Another planned activity for each session is focused on a grief theme such as one of the grief feeling responses (sad, angry, worried, etc.) or on a topic such as change, asking for what I need, or finding ways to self-comfort. Children’s groups are lively and interactive with freedom for each child to express their grief in their own way. We play games, draw, do crafts, and other such childhood activities.

Size of the group: Generally 5-7 children. 

1st - 3rd grade, with some fluidity in the ages. 

Facilitated by two highly trained, clinician supervised, volunteer facilitators.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please use our online request form or call us at 512.472.7878. To create a safe and supportive environment for you and our group members, all new individuals must schedule an intake/orientation prior to their first group meeting. We cannot take walk in clients on group nights.

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