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We are a non-profit organization focused on loss, grief, and bereavement with the mission to assist children, adolescents, and adults as they move from loss to life, transforming their grief through therapy, support, education, training, consultation, and hope.


The Austin Center for Grief & Loss provides services to individuals and families who have experienced death loss due to brief or long-term illness, miscarriage, accident, suicide, or violence. We also provide services to those who have experienced non-death loss due to divorce, separation, relocation, immigration, serious health issues and diagnoses, and other negative life events that create grief and loss.

AustinGrief is a not-for-profit organization that obtained its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in August of 2007.


To assist adults and children as they move from loss to life through support, therapy, education, training and consultation throughout the greater Austin area.


Compassionate, inclusive, professional care

Empowerment of each individual

Spirituality within the struggle

Transformative power within loss

Ongoing connection



There is loss, grief, and pain in the streets and in the communities of America today. We are using our voice to acknowledge the systemic racism and injustice in our society, and we are advocating for equity, inclusivity and the protection of all people.


Our grief unifies us as one.  We are in this together. 

Supporting bereaved children, families and individuals involves compassion and commitment through genuinely listening and understanding their unique experiences while challenging those systems that oppress children and families of color.  It is an intentional process and teaches us so much about the hope and healing that can occur when you are heard and have space. 

To every grieving child, family, and individual who is facing the injustice of systemic racism and racial prejudice:  We stand with you.  We will always use our voice for you.  We offer support to you and your communities and loved ones, so you are supported in your grief. 

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