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The Austin Center for Grief & Loss recognizes the importance of collecting client feedback on a periodic basis. The information gathered from this client survey will be used to assess the quality of services provided, develop recommendations and improvements, and demonstrate to clients our commitment to their success. This document provides an official structure for collecting and analyzing client feedback.

  • The Austin Center for Grief & Loss will collect client feedback on an ongoing basis.

  • Completing the survey should take each client no longer than 15 minutes.

  • All responses are kept confidential and anonymous, and no identifying information will be shared.

  • Client survey responses will be collected and collated on a periodic basis.

  • Client survey responses will be presented in aggregate form to our staff, therapists, and the public through a link on our website.

  • Client survey responses may be used for marketing and promoting awareness of grief and loss services

Thank you in advance for completing this survey about The Austin Center for Grief & Loss. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we aim to provide the highest quality of support to the people who participate in our services. Your responses will be kept anonymous. If you have any questions or difficulties please call us at 512.472.7878.



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