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Our LGBTQIA+ Support Group provides a confidential and safe space for queer adults that have experienced grief & loss. This group aims to focus on the unique challenges of LGBTQIA+ adults, including disenfranchised loss—such as estrangement from family & loss of relationships due to identity/coming out. We hope this group will:


  • Reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety and distress

  • Help you learn new ways of coping

  • Increase feelings of hope and community

The LGBTQIA+ Support Group has two trained queer co-facilitators. The group meets online two times per month on 1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings. The group is limited to 12 members, and once a group is full it is closed.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please use our online request form or call us at 512.472.7878. To create a safe and supportive environment for you and our group members, all new individuals must schedule an intake/orientation prior to their first group meeting. We cannot take walk in clients on group nights.

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