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  • Tell family stories. Don’t be afraid to talk about the person who died.  What begins with tears often ends with laughter.

  • Honor their memory together. Do something good as a family for someone else, make a donation of time or resources to a charity.

  • Light a candle at your table as a reminder of your loved ones presence at holiday gatherings.

  • Create a special place for remembering: garden, play space, corner chair, etc.

  • Go to the cemetery. Take flowers, letters, balloons, etc.

  • Start a collection of stories, poems or quotes to place in a book that honor your loved one.

  • Fix your loved ones favorite meal to share with family and friends.

  • Consider doing things the person loved to do.

  • Create a memory book with stories, photos, and drawn pictures of special times together.

  • Make a plan together and develop rituals for holidays and the anniversary of the death.

Copyright 2012 The Austin Center for Grief & Loss
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